Annual Report 2020

Sustainable Futures

It’s been a year like no other

We’ve always had a clear purpose – to shape a better world. And we began 2019 as always, doing brave and inventive work, maintaining our robust financial position, and making a positive impact on people’s lives.

COVID-19 changed everything

Suddenly our purpose became even more relevant. This crisis has driven us to apply our expertise in radical new ways, using data, technology and modelling to help clients and society adapt.

Our determination is unshakeable

Achieving our sustainable development goals will require greater collaboration between ourselves, our clients and communities. It will require digital transformation and a commitment to new ideas, every day.

We keep innovating

We’re defined by pioneering collaborations with our clients, from major cities to rural communities, delivering complex programmes or single, inspiring experiences. And we’ll carry on doing exactly that.

Redefining growth

Global threats like climate change and the pandemic are reshaping the future. Growth means something very different now: it must be sustainable and deliver safe, inclusive, resilient communities, infrastructure and cities.
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